Mumbai – Business Capital of India

Author: Nagma Biswas

Anyone in India or coming to India would never find himself short of a reason to visit Mumbai. This modern day metropolis has more than one reason to enchant one and all. A beautiful amalgamation of the new and the old, the city has a lot to offer to those who love to explore. The proud finance capital of the country, Mumbai is a Mecca for all those who wish to make big in the commercialization and capitalization revolution. And, it is not just business that Mumbai has to offer. Entertainment and fun have been given a new dimension by Mumbai. Glamour and entertainment are an integral part of the Mumbai-life.

Tourists with trading and business as their aim can have Churchgate and Nariman Point in Mumbai as their destination. Big business houses and the best known companies in the country have concentrated themselves here. The Fort area or the business district of the city works as the commercial heart for the city. Typically industrialized are the suburbs like Andheri where industrial development impetuses have brought about a concentration of industries. In a similar fashion, the smaller business houses and companies have found other western and central suburban areas as feasible.

Though Mumbai has not inherited many palaces and ancient temples as heritage from former monarchs and sovereigns, it still has a lot to offer to a tourist. Some of the finest jewels from the colonial era are present in Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, still well known as the Victoria Terminus, is one of the best known amongst the many Mumbai wonders. The Elephant Islands attract tourist with their ancient archaeological wealth and the intrigue that lives around them. A not-to-miss spot in Mumbai is the Gateway of India. It's worth a visit not just for the architectural wealth it owns itself, but also for being the point to launch many tours in and around the city. Amongst the religious sites, the Siddhivinayak temple and Haji Ali Dargah are the most visited and highly revered spots. Both of these sites command respect from people across different beliefs and faiths. A good number of well-known churches and synagogues are also present in the city.

For those with a thing for shopping, Mumbai can prove to be a paradise. It is one city in the country that gives you a mind-boggling range of options to shop. From the dirt cheap street smart stuff to the best known brands in swanky malls, Mumbai markets cater to all possible shopping tastes. As Fashion Street and the streets of Bandra offer you the latest in fashion at throw away prices, the big boutiques and malls have the best from famous designers to lure you. Typical only to Mumbai or Bombay is its infamous Chor-Bazaar. Expect the entire world to be at sale here. From antiques to electronics, almost anything money can buy is sold here.

Food is yet another mania here. It won't be an exaggeration to say that this is one city where no one can go hungry. Think of any cuisine or any budget, there is an outlet offering you the same. From the best of the restaurants to the local khau-galis, Mumbai is lined up with stores and stalls. While the upscale restaurants have found good grounds in Bandra and Colaba, the lesser expensive of their counterparts are spread across the entire city. From well-known food chains to local and government run chains, eating options are here in plenty.

A tangible number of hotels have also been added to the city line. From complete splurge to decent accommodation options, hospitality as an industry has spread well across the city. The range of hotels here is so huge that almost any traveler to the city can rest assured of having a hotel of his choice.

Though, the crowd and traffic might take you aback for sometime, it is the eternal charm of Mumbai that keeps you coming back to it.

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